Edges is an event which traces and maps performances which have taken place in green spaces in Bristol, UK.

The event edges between an exhibition of performance documentation and a social space set up to create the opportunity for social encounter between myself (artist/facilitator/performer) and audience (witness/participant).

The event acts as an invitation to the unknown possibilities of social encounter which re-humanises the process of exchange with gifts and the sharing of food, memories, thoughts and observation through conversation.

The exhibition documents performance which has taken place and therefore acts as a kind of map of moments of encounters and exchange between myself and other living organisms.

In this event I propose that Performance can be thought of and experienced as a means by which to explore and discover life. Performance as a process of engaging with life – living organisms, ecologies, histories. The event acts as an invitation to people to engage with their immediate environment and find living organisms in their locality, even/especially in urban environments and to pay attention to this life as a creative process.

β€œArt is 'how you look at life', and has nothing to do with object production.” (John Grande about Hamish Fulton)

I invite the audience to taste produce made from the harvests of wild food – a sensory experience of traces from the edge spaces of Bristol.

"A delicious connection to place through the body." (Sue Smith, Executive Director Dance Devon)
"I have never felt so comfortable and yet so included in a performance."(Audience)
"Very successful synthesis of ideas and environment, superb choreography - I so enjoyed the table and the opportunities afforded by conversations with strangers, memories provoked by the ingredients on the table." (Audience)
"This is a wonderful piece of work. It takes 'Theatre' to it's 'Nth' degree. Thoroughly thought out, in a lovely welcoming environment." (Professor David Williams, Royal Holloway University London)
"I love the connections and associations in your work - awareness, the Body, political, spiritual, ecological - something about the ordinary preciousness of life that we overlook all the time." (Audience)